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Four-Tiered Certification System

The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) is the state-approved program for the assessment of prospective Georgia public school educators. This multi-test certification system includes the Program Admission (PA), Content, Educator Ethics and Professional Pedagogy assessments.

The purpose of these computer-delivered assessments is to help ensure that educator candidates have the knowledge and skills needed to perform independently in Georgia's public schools.

A description of and details about each of the tests are listed below.


Program Admission: This multiple-choice/essay assessment measures the general knowledge of an educator candidate in the areas of reading, mathematics, and writing.  

Candidates attempting to gain certification who did not exempt testing or achieve a passing score on all parts of the prior test (GACEBasic) and candidates seeking admission to a state-approved educator preparation program must pass this exam.


Content Assessment: GACE Content Assessments test a candidate’s knowledge in their field of study.  This test consists of one or two tests made up of selected-response questions or a combination of selected-response and constructed-response questions.  The GACE content assessment has 2 passing levels: Induction and Professional. (Any Induction level score earned before July 1, 2017, will be considered equivalent to a Standard Professional level passing score.)

Educator Ethics: Both seven-module Educator Ethics Assessments are designed to ensure certification applicants are familiar with the Georgia Code of Educator Ethics, and understate the principles of ethical decision making in an educational setting.  

Students entering a Georgia educator preparation program, state-approved non-traditional educator preparation program (GaTAPP, etc.,) or seeking educational leadership certification are required to complete the Educator Ethics Program Entry Assessment and to pass the Educator Ethics Program Exit Assessment. For more information, visit


For more information, visit

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