What happens in our on-line classes?

Using tests, practice problems, class discussions, and easy–to–understand explanations, our instructors help students to:

Diagnose their strengths and weaknesses

Increase understanding of the concept areas  

Strengthen foundation skills

Create essays that are precise, well-organized and dynamic. 

Number and type of sessions is based on the student’s individual needs



                                    - spread the cost of a tutor across more students

                           - create study partners who understand how you learned the material

Customized Live On-line Tutoring

- can help students who have difficulty mastering concepts

- would benefit students who need a slower pace of learning

Pay-per session

$45 per/hr

Subscription package  (6 lessons)


Pay-per session

$35 per/hr

Subscription package  (6 lessons)


Test-prep courses:







Academic courses: